We are so excited about heading into our second year of broadcasting sporting events. We cover a variety of sporting events and community programming over the internet.

Our Mission Statement:
We exist to promote Christian values to all athletes and families; to enrich lives by teaching Biblical principles; to promote physical fitness as well as good Christian leadership skills; to promote Christian like attitudes toward all opponents, game officials and authority figures.

What games do we broadcast?
HCSN Radio covers a wide selection of games. Class A-3A sports from the Indiana High School Association, Christian School, Little League as well as the Indianapolis Tornados and IUPUI softball. Our goal is to bring family friendly programming to our community. We cover sports like basketball, football, and softball through out the year.

Who can get the broadcast?
We get that question all the time and the simple answer is everyone! Because everything is internet-based, we have fans in Chile, Brazil, India, Florida, North Carolina – all over the world! Many of our fans are grandparents who live out of town and can’t get to the game – HCSN Radio provides them a front row seat! Military men and women listen to our broadcast, as well as coaches and players that love to listen to the archives after the games as well. Over 20,000 people have listened to a broadcast and that number grows daily.

It’s all in the name of Jesus.
HCSN Radio is a vision of Horizon Christian Fellowship. We believe that God has given us favor to broadcast these events. In Matthew Chapter 28:19, it tells us to Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. This network will promise to promote good sportsmanship and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want you to broadcast our games!
Simple – just contact Keith Meyers, as he does all of our scheduling. Our schedule is generally set 6-8 weeks ahead of the upcoming season. HCSN is a nonprofit organization and exists because of the generous support of our sponsors. If you would like to help sponsor a broadcast, or to get a game broadcast, please contact Keith at coach@horizonindy.org. Thank you!